Enterprise Websites in Palm Springs Mall

We help startup companies fine tune their business websites

Cater to your business customers

Catering is one of the leading business that does events in South Africa especially with all the cultural efforts put into this type of business that knows no boundaries between what is expensive or cheap only understands a single phrase which is quality, it is no surprise that many cultural events will require this service more during parties, events such as weddings, graduations and funeral services. This is the main reason that is you own a catering business around Palm Springs Mall you automatically qualify for a 50% discount on your website forever.

Building reputation that lasts

When considering a small business website you should not be limited by your industry level knowledge on the subject matter, if you need a website for your business the simplest thing you need to do is call us and ask us questions it is free, We don't speak computer jargon there are 11 official languages in the country so feel free to expresss yourself.

Where to start with websites?

We know exactly what you mean we have a quick quide on small business ideas for any startup that you can follow includes detailed instructions on getting a domain name using Afrihost ISP, internet services provider such as Afrihost ISP offer the lowest domain pointing to any hosting account only R19pm see the whole guide for more information on how to setup your domain and why its important to have a domain for your business. a website will open doors you never knew existed which many marketing, sales people call a digital transformation for doing business online with eCommerce.

Who benefits from eCommerce?

All small business types benefit from small business eCommerce websites, if your intention is to sell products and services online you too are missing out on this opportunity to grow your business to the next enterprise level, business websites will bring new customers for your business also teach you few things about customer behaivour online, knowing how your customer makes buying choices is an insight that every business owner must know. we recommend the following payment gateway to start accepting cash on your website quickly also it's easier to implement allows you to make payment requests in simple clicks.

Accepting payments online with Payfast