Business website ideas in Palm Springs

Learn how we can help making your business website work for you.

Discover some ideas we have for various industries, some ideas may be your own help us help you with your business by finding the right solution.

Gifts, Florist website strategy

It's more likely that companies that sell gifts already have their websites running, what you should be asking yourself is how that website has been implemented here are some important factors you should not forget when making a decision

Where should we start with my idea?

Implementing a business website idea is planning but it all needs to go on paper, start opening a file in your office, label this file "Company website 2019" this should help to keep all the planning, record keeping to be in one place, firstly consider registering a domain for your website, a domain is how your website is identified online like a alias or business name, example of a domain is registering a domain is very easy this you can do yourself

Registering a domain for my company website

Firstly go to google search for Afrihost, choose afrihost on the menu tab select domains please watch the video for a clear guide see why below what to do if you find that your domain is already registered by someone else, this should not stop you from registering your domain for your company

Finding Afrihost online for your domain needs

What if your domain is taken already?

Afrihost domain finder will help you discover if your domain is available or taken it is wise to start registering your domain very quickly to avoid someone else having to do so first, see below what action you should take if you find your website domain already registered by someone else the next step is a quick solution for any business owner facing similar issues

Try variations of your company name as your domain

Simply choose a domain name that has a variation of your company name to make it easier for you to work with also for clients to recognize it follow the next steps and make your payment using your card to secure your purchase.