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Website Security

Security of your website depends on the hosting provider you choose if you choose Afrihost then be sure to ask them also site guidelines with ISPA it is better to be safe knowing your business information when it comes to email privacy is safe, on our side we have a code of conduct to writing clean, testable code when your website includes forms that capture information from the client or any dashboard related type of website that requires customers to create or register accounts all this information remains on your hosting server of choice, We have physical security for the laptops that carry the source code of your website also insure our property intellectuals for maxium security, when we refer to software security we are also partners with Trend Micro Cybersecurity Solutions as bronze partner we may ask you to secure your cloud environment for your website application at a small fee with business license.

Hosting estimated costs

We do not have servers to host your website that we own, so as many website designers that are falsy claiming this be very careful about such companies, although we don't have our own data centers, We use world leading hosting providers both locally and internationally to ensure your clients get the best online experience but that doesn't end there here is a list of legal hosting providers in South Africa to help you avoid registering or hosting your website in unsafe providers. We have provided a media so you will recognize the right association for hosting and internet providers.